EV Camel is Lincolnshire’s specialist electric vehicle (EV) charge point installation company.
We offer the technology and expertise to help:

  • homeowners install charging points for their own cars;
  • businesses offer charging points at the workplace for their own fleet or for employee’s own
    electric cars;
  • businesses such as hotels, restaurants, visitor attractions, etc. provide charge points for their
    own customers thus supporting and increasing the attractiveness of their customer offer;
  • and local authorities and car park owners have charge points both within car parks and on-street.

EV Camel is a business that focuses solely on the installation of charge points for electric cars – we
do not do anything else.

We are accredited under the OLEV Scheme which provides some grant funding for installation of
charge points for homeowners and in the workplace.

We offer a full service of the design, installation, finance and operation/maintenance of charging
facilities for electric cars and vans.

Website                www.evcamel.com

Phone                   01522 412312

Email                    rj@evcamel.com

Twitter                 @EVLincolnshire