Canwick Road Update

Update from Lincolnshire County Council - click here to read the update on their website.

This update is for 26 January - 7 February 2015

What’s been happening with the Canwick Road Scheme?

  • Works have continued on the construction of the retaining wall
  • Drainage works have commenced through the subway and the concrete base laying has begun
  • Road widening works have continued at the end of South Park, outside the corner of the South Common
  • Tarmac has been laid on the widened sections of Washingborough Road and on Canwick Hill opposite the cemetery
  • Drainage works have started on South Park Avenue
  • Further street light columns have been installed in various locations
  • Cables and pipes have continued to be installed at South Park Avenue junction
  • British Telecom continued to lay further ducts and have started installing cables within them

What’s planned next week for the Canwick Road Scheme?

  • Road widening works will continue on Canwick Road opposite the cemetery
  • Drainage works will commence on Canwick Road between South Park and Washingborough Road
  • Gas diversion works will commence at Washingborough Road junction
  • Drainage works will continue on South Park Avenue
  • Pipe and cable installation will continue under the South Park Avenue junction
  • Subway drainage and concrete works will continue
  • Foundation works will continue on the retaining wall outside the nursing home
  • British Telecom will continue laying new pipes and installing cables
  • Drainage works will continue in the South Common

Traffic Management Arrangement for the Canwick Road Scheme

There will be no change to the current traffic management layouts.

Traffic counters were put up this week to record the number of vehicles passing on numerous surrounding roads. These vehicle number results will be analysed and used to assist in the managing the evident changeable movements of traffic along the various routes.

Out of Normal Hours Arrangements for the Canwick Road Scheme

Construction works for the subway under Canwick Road will continue into the weekend. These works will not be seen from the road.