Paul Adams provided our Educational speaker slot at February's meeting, members found it so useful we were inundated with requests to share his top 10 tips!

  1. Understand the new Rights which Data Subjects can demand
  2. Audit the types of data you hold
  3. Map the location of your data, your data flows, who has access to it and the risks
  4. Identify the lawful reasons you are processing personal information
  5. Ensure your consents are valid
  6. Review contracts and data sharing agreements with processors, partners and clients
  7. Review Privacy and Fair Collection Notices (Transparency)
  8. Ensure all reasonable ‘Technical’ and ‘Organisational’ measures are in place (due-diligence defense)
  9. Identify any new technologies and processes that might require a Perform Privacy Impact Assessment
  10. Appoint a DPO to comply with additional legal duties such as mandatory breach reporting, internal auditing, training etc.

You can also download the full presentation by clicking here.