A leading City business group has voted in a new leader, marking a fresh chapter for the Club.

There was competition for the role and voting came down to two people, with Nicola Ellwood winning the position.

Not-for-profit Lincoln Business Club has been chaired by Zoe King for three years, during which time membership has grown, stronger ties have been made between other business organisations, and charity donations have increased.

“This was an exciting opportunity for the club which was very much welcomed” said Zoe, “a fresh approach from a new chair is exciting and marks a new era for the club. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved during my time at the helm”.

Lincoln Business Club was established in 2004, and all past chairs were invited to the special event.

New Chair Nicola said “I’m really pleased to be part of a group that brings local businesses together to network and donate to local charities. It’s been a pillar of the Lincoln business community for 15 years and I’m excited to continue its hard work”.

Lincoln Business Club meets at Lincoln City Football Club on the last Friday of the month, 7am – 8.45am.

For more information visit www.lincolnbusinessclub.co.uk