Privacy Policy

Due to the changeable nature of the Lincoln Business Club committee, all committee members have access to all of the below data.

Lincoln Business Club holds your data in the following ways:

  • Your business listing on the websites directory: this is something individuals can add to the website themselves and you can login to edit these details at any time. Lincoln Business Club will never add listings to the website on behalf of members without their consent. If you would like to delete your listing, please email deleted data is retained in offline back-ups for up to 6 months, these backups are held by a third-party contractor on a firewall-protected device.
  • MailChimp: if you wish to sign up to our mailing list there is a checkbox on the directory registration page. This is an opt-in box that must be ticked for you to be added to our mailing list, here we store your first name, last name and email address. This mailing list is used for meeting reminders and other special events and information directly related to Lincoln Business Club. You can read MailChimp’s privacy policy here: remove yourself from our mailing list you can press the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any of our email campaigns.
  • Sign in forms: at the meetings, we ask members to sign in using the paper sign in forms. If you are an existing member we ask for your full name and company name. New members are additionally asked for their email address and how they found out about Lincoln Business Club. This information is kept for 12 months for the purposes of logging attendance numbers and business types, this enables us to look for trends and market the club more effectively, ensuring it continues to grow and provide value to those who attend our meetings. New member’s email addresses are gathered for the purposes of sending a single welcome email. We do not manually add these email addresses to any mailing lists. New member details are also stored on the Vice Chairman’s own email account in the form of sent-items, these are deleted after a maximum of 62 days unless further contact is made by an individual.
  • Business card draw: Business cards from the draw are collected by our vice chair and kept for no longer than one month. After which time they are shredded.
  • Sponsors, speakers and the “2-minute business card draw”: we keep the name, company name, talk title, contact phone and email address for all sponsors, speakers and where applicable, the winner of the 2-minute pitch. The first three pieces of information are important in us keeping a history of who has spoken at the club to enable us to continue to plan valuable talks for our members. These contact details are held for invoicing purposes and for use in cases where we may want to contact previous speakers and sponsors in the future to ask if they would like to contribute again.If you would like us to remove your contact details please email
  • Historic data & accounts information: the club has been running since 2004 and the committee members can change each year at the AGM, as such there is a folder and memory stick containing some historic data. This is kept in a locked filing cabinet with the Club’s treasurer and is not currently mobile, along with invoicing information for sponsorship and other special events.
  • Emails: many of our committee members communicate with members and non-members via email, as such any correspondence or information shared by email could be stored on devices out of our control.

We do not share or sell any of this data with any third parties and it is used solely for the purposes of Lincoln Business Club.