Lincoln Business Club

Emma runs marketing strategy consultancy, Business Bollox®, helping companies understand their market before diving into engaging with customers. This approach massively improves ROI. Emma makes the process fun and engaging, and as she’d say “distinctly un-bolloxy”.

Her work focuses on SMEs, and in support of that, Emma is an expert speaker/lecturer on strategy, business purpose, marketing, brand and operations across four business schools. Emma has qualifications from Falmouth University and Cambridge Judge Business School.

Her inspiration is helping business owners get back to doing what they love. Emma says; 
“I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard business owners say that they love why 
they got into business but hate all the ‘bollox’ that goes with it. And I get it… as an entrepreneur I get frustrated by the ‘bollox’ too – so by turbocharging your marketing strategy, which engages a clearly identified and understood, profitable customer segment, your marketing (and then sales) is transformed… and taa-daa! Less bollox and great results!”